I’m Inspired by My Kenyan Friend’s “Agape Touch”

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Baraka Gerryshon started a Agape Touch for the Aged as a ministry to the elderly people of Kenya. Now they’re serving people of all ages in outreach events.

I asked him what I would see if I visited one of these events:

“Vulnerable people of all ages gathered to be: spiritually encouraged, counseled, treated, and fed…”

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I was surprised that such a young man with so much potential and opportunity would turn his energy to helping the elderly. It turns out it wasn’t a tragedy that inspired him, but a blessing he wanted more people to experience:

“We had a very good friendship and love with our grandmother. We visited her so much, took her to outings and other gatherings. She never got bored or felt neglected, neither did she lack anything. She lived a full life and God took her home peacefully as she was sleeping. From then on God gave me a burden to investigate how other elderly people were enjoying their elderly years. Lo and behold, I found neglect that I could not imagine. And that is how Agape Touch for the Aged was conceived.”

As more young Kenyans move to the cities, the elderly in rural areas are left without the usual family support. Nursing homes are taboo in Kenyan culture. The elderly depend on their families for support. Agape Touch fills the gap with medical assistance, social opportunities, training in small business skills, and more.

“This has really touched the aged lives in a very positive way socially, economically, physically, spiritually, and even psychologically.”

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I’m impressed with what Agape Touch has accomplished to the glory of God, and I know that God has great things in store.

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