The God Who Had Everything Made a World That He Could Share Everything With

Before time began, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were in divine fellowship. In this fellowship, the Father had endless delight in the beauty and perfection of the Son. This is what He wants to share with us. This is part of the mystery of the fellowship of the triune God, the fellowship into which we are called.

1 John 1:3 tells us that “our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” It is not two separate fellowships, but one, just as Jesus and His Father are one. And part of that fellowship is enjoying the Son with the Father.

Once you have begun to share this enjoyment you know that it can only have its source in the unspeakably good and kind God. And everything you need to know about God the Son, in order to delight in Him with the Father, is seen in Jesus the man.

This eternal pleasure in the fellowship of the triune God was truly perfect. Nothing could be added to it. It was also unique. The beauty of Christ, who is the image and glory of God, was such that there could never be any beauty equal to it. The question for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was this: “Where do We go from here?” In other words, what can you give to the God who already has everything?

God’s answer was creation—creation through Christ, in Christ, and for Christ. Since Christ could not be surpassed in beauty or in terms of the pleasure he brings to the Father, a universe was created in which Christ’s perfect glory could grow and spread endlessly. His glory could not be improved upon, but it could be increased. The universe was created so that it might be delighted in Christ just as the Father is. The God who had everything made a world that He could share everything with.

The universe was created because the Father was well pleased with the Son. This includes you. You are a product of God’s pleasure. The Father was so satisfied with Christ that He made you.


This is an excerpt from The Natural Holiness of Jesus