You Always Have the Option of Falling into God’s Hands

The prophet had given David some specific choices. Your circumstances are different, but you have the same options. You can choose to see what is happening to you as coming from the hand of God, or the hands of men. You can define the will of God according to the revelation of Jesus Christ, or according to the explanations of men. You can try to take fate into your own hands. In doing so, you will still find yourself falling “into the hand of man.”

Give Yourself Over to the Will of God to the Degree that Jesus Has Earned Your Trust

Jesus has done his job with perfection. He has shown us the divine will. Jean Pierre de Caussade is not misguided or naïve when he tells us that this will is “infinitely beneficial to all those who hope in it.” And it is not without reason that he adds that those who hope in it must do so “fully and without reservation,” as those “who love nothing and seek nothing for themselves.” This is really your only sane option.

Learn to Love the Will of God More than You Hate Suffering

Life will throw everything it has at you to convince you that the will of God cannot be trusted, much less loved. Jesus thought otherwise. Be like him. Recognize the will of God when the universe tries to disguise it as random, senseless suffering, and, as Jean Pierre de Caussade urges us, “pursue this will, and love it, all the way to the death of the cross.”

Go to Calvary to Learn to Focus on the Will of God

Jesus had convinced multitudes that he knew something nobody else knew, that he had insight into a heavenly secret, called “the will of the Father,” that guided his every move. Yet his every move led straight to the cross. Even on the cross, however, Jesus embodied the will of God. You could not see it, as before, in its results, effects, and outcomes. You had to look directly at Jesus himself.

Daily Guidance and Encouragement for Living in the Presence of God
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