Don’t Go Looking For Crosses to Carry

First, sacrifice and suffering are not the same thing, although they are often experienced at the same time. Second, God is still interested in obedience. It is true that obedience often means suffering, but this does not mean that additional suffering and sacrifice increase your obedience. Finally, the suffering that comes out of obedience is often referred to as a cross because it kills our self-love. Such crosses, by their very nature, cannot be self-chosen.

Active and Passive Faithfulness Are Meant to Work Together

Faith and patience are like two men who were waiting for a train that was running late. The first man (faith) left the station before the train arrived, unable to wait any longer. When the train finally arrived, the second man (patience) was afraid to get onboard. He is still at the station. These two men should have helped each other. Faith and patience are meant to work together. So are active and passive faithfulness.

The Present Moment as a Desert Where You Are Alone With God

Is the present moment valuable like a city: because it holds opportunity and promises change? In that case, the moment is useful as a bridge to other moments. And it is up to you, maybe with the help of God, to navigate to those other, better moments. But this is not how to appreciate the present moment. Rather, this approach all but guarantees that you will never be satisfied with any moment of life.