The Sanctifying Power of the Mundane

The Holiness of the Here and Now – Part 71

His master said to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.”

–Matthew 25:23 (ESV)

Look at your own life. What is it made of? A lot of activity, and most of it does not seem very important. But it is this very thing, this unimportant activity, that God is well-pleased with. This is the part that the soul must play in its own spiritual growth.

–Jean Pierre de Caussade

The quotation from Matthew 25:23 is from one of the parables of Jesus. The master had entrusted some money to his servant, and the servant had traded with it and made more money. It is not hard to see Jesus cloaking his own promise in the words of this fictional master. For you, too, will share in your master’s joy, and if you are faithful over little, he will set you over much.

But what is the little that God has entrusted you with? And how do you trade with it to make more? Jean Pierre de Caussade points us to the answer when he says, “look at your own life.” Is your life made of a lot of activity that seems unimportant? If it seems unimportant, you are judging the task by its contribution to the world, not by the spirit in which it is done.

Your responsibilities of the day, however insignificant they appear, are God-ordained. Fulfill them with reverence, and in doing so, you will convert simple daily tasks into spiritual growth exercises. Trade work for holiness by treating your work as holy. And it is. If you work according to the will and order of God, your work is sanctified, and it sanctifies. Trade the mundane business of life for a holiness that begins today and lasts forever.

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