The Power of Saying, “Let It Be”

The Holiness of the Here and Now – Part 83

And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

–Luke 1:38 (ESV)

“Let it be to me according to your word,” was all that Mary felt she needed to say, yet that simple answer held within it all the mystical theology of her ancestors. For them, and for her, it all came down to one thing. For us today, it also comes down to one thing: pure and simple abandonment of the soul to the will of God—in whatever form his will presents itself.

–Jean Pierre de Caussade

When put to the test, Mary expressed her mystical theology in a few simple words that summed up her attitude of submission and obedience. You, likewise, will have opportunities to express your mystical theology. In fact, each moment presents such an opportunity, if you can recognize it.

Your expression of abandonment may be different. It may be a song, a sigh, a smile, or a deeper, unexpressed disposition of the heart. In whatever from it takes, it represents a turning of your attention toward God in full acceptance of the present moment as the manner in which he has chosen to visit you.

Does the present moment place demands upon you? Respond in obedience to God. Does it cause pain? Endure it without complaining. Does it make you happy? Rejoice. Do not be concerned with the outward expression of your submission. Do not worry about what to say. As with Mary, God will give you words when you need them. And, if it helps, take Mary’s words and adapt them to your situation. For example, it is almost always the proper moment to say, “Lord, I am in your hands. Let it be to me according to your will.”

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