A Pure Heart Shouts God’s Whispers Into Your Life

Perhaps you have witnessed this: God whispers a vision or idea into someone’s heart, but before it is implemented, it passes through a filter of pride, self-interest, and carnal ambition. The vision comes to pass in the real world, but it is not exactly right. It is not a faithful echo of the God’s true intention. Remove such filters from your heart. Better yet, give yourself over to God and allow him to remove them however he sees fit to do so. Then your heart will become a faithful echo, repeating what it hears to the rest of your being.

The Power of Saying, “Let It Be”

Does the present moment place demands upon you? Respond in obedience to God. Does it cause pain? Endure it without complaining. Does it make you happy? Rejoice. Do not be concerned with the outward expression of your submission. Do not worry about what to say. As with Mary, God will give you words when you need them. And, if it helps, take Mary’s words and adapt them to your situation. For example, it is almost always the proper moment to say, “Lord, I am in your hands. Let it be to me according to your will.”