Book Excerpts

The Foolishness of God, the Hidden Wisdom, and the Mind of Christ: 30 Lessons from 1 Corinthians 1-4

Jesus in the Small Words

Leaders, Fathers, and Idols


Find Your Place of Rest in Jesus: An Adaptation of Andrew Murray’s Abide in Christ

Rest in Jesus as Your Wisdom

Every Branch Gets Pruned


Personal Transformation the New Testament Way: 14 Practical Lessons from Horatius Bonar’s 1864 Classic God’s Way of Holiness

The Cross of Christ Is Your Center of Gravity


The 14 Rejections of Moses: Guideposts on the Path to the Crucified Life

Young Moses and the Israelites: Immature Vision and Premature Rejection

Overcoming Self-Rejection: A Lesson from the Life of Moses

Misremembering the Past: A Hindrance to Spiritual Growth


The Natural Holiness of Jesus: What It Looked Like on Him and What It Means for You

How Clear Is Your Vision of the Christ Who Dwells in You?

Jesus Lived His Whole Life as a Gift to You

The God Who Had Everything Made a World That He Could Share Everything With