A Three-Fold Perspective on the Word of God

The Bible can be described as God’s work in history, recorded by men, for your sake. That description can then be divided into three ways of approaching the Bible, which should be held together: God’s work in history Recorded by men For your sake I came up with this description by comparing three Gospels as … Read more

Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas, and the Backroom Deal That Fell Through

Frank Morison didn’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He thought it was a myth. He studied the Gospels because he wanted to write a skeptic’s account of the passion narrative. As he studied, he became convinced that he was dealing with eyewitness accounts of a true event. The book he ended up writing … Read more

The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries

The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries is a collection of essays in which scholars look at how different commentators have approached the Sermon, from John Chrysostom to John Stott. Here are some lessons, drawn from that book, that may help as as we seek to understand and apply this greatest of sermons. Chrysostom: … Read more