Are There Really Streets of Gold? — C. S. Lewis on Believing in a Down-to-Earth Heaven

John saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven. It included a street of pure gold (Revelation 21:21).

The question is, does the New Jerusalem look the same to everyone, or did God show it to John in a way that he could understand?

Was the golden street actually a symbol of something much greater, of a splendor and luxury that John could not have imagined, much less communicated?

Will it limit our imaginations to think of heaven in terms of earthly wealth, or will it help?

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“The Quest of the Inner Ring Will Break Your Hearts Unless You Break It”

C. S. Lewis gave this warning to a class of college students in an address in 1944. The message was included in the book, The Weight of Glory. The students Lewis addressed were preparing for a variety of careers, and he gave general advice that he thought would be helpful in whatever their eventual jobs were to be.

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