The Power of Saying, “Let It Be”

Does the present moment place demands upon you? Respond in obedience to God. Does it cause pain? Endure it without complaining. Does it make you happy? Rejoice. Do not be concerned with the outward expression of your submission. Do not worry about what to say. As with Mary, God will give you words when you need them. And, if it helps, take Mary’s words and adapt them to your situation. For example, it is almost always the proper moment to say, “Lord, I am in your hands. Let it be to me according to your will.”

Spiritual Knowledge Has No Fear of Missing Out

Abandonment to divine providence is the best remedy against the fear of missing out. Let others worry about whether they are pondering the deepest spiritual truths, reading the most relevant books, and listening to the cutting-edge teachers. These things are tools in the hands of God. It is God himself who directs your spiritual growth. Do you not think he knows where to find his tools when he is ready to use them? Would you presume to take the tools out of his hands and give him better ones?

God Makes Good Use Out of the Tools That You Judge To Be Useless

God can use obstacles to advance you, he can propel you forward with setbacks, and he can use delays to get you there early. There is a common proverb that says, “It is a poor workman who blames his tools.” In other words, if you had more skill, you could do more with the tools you have. How foolish it is, then, to curse the tools when the workman who holds them is God!

God Makes Good Use Out of the Things You Don’t Like

If conformity to Christ is your goal, you will know his power to accomplish it. Then, simply trust that power, even when you do not feel it. Even when you cannot see any benefit to your pain, or how it might conform you to Christ. Trust that God is effective with any tool he uses. As soon as it is in his hand, it becomes the best tool to work with.

The Logic of Full Surrender

It seems insane that anyone would try to go to battle against God Almighty. We do not realize, however, that we are doing it. This is the danger: to fight God when you do not realize that you are fighting God. The struggle becomes a kind of background noise, no longer noticed for what it is. Waking up to the reality of this ongoing battle is itself a profound and life-changing revelation.

Daily Guidance and Encouragement for Living in the Presence of God
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