The Present Moment as a Desert Where You Are Alone With God

Is the present moment valuable like a city: because it holds opportunity and promises change? In that case, the moment is useful as a bridge to other moments. And it is up to you, maybe with the help of God, to navigate to those other, better moments. But this is not how to appreciate the present moment. Rather, this approach all but guarantees that you will never be satisfied with any moment of life.

The Present Moment as Your Personal Teacher

In the present moment, you will find a teacher assigned to you, with the exact lesson you need to learn. It is useless to try to learn someone else’s lesson just because it seems more interesting or more pleasant. In fact, it is worse than useless, it is detrimental to your soul.

To focus on your own teacher, you must overcome the fear of missing out. The good news is that it only takes a small exercise of faith to realize that you are missing nothing by sticking with the teacher God has given you. What you should really fear missing out on is your own private lesson. Learn it today so you can learn something new tomorrow.

The Mind Functions Better as Part of a Team

. The spirit prays first, setting no limits on faith, but praying in agreement with faith. The mind, then, can pray according to faith. When this happens, faith remains free, but so does the mind. The mind is not getting in its own way, insisting on doing all the work alone. The mind has become a team player. When the mind goes first, however, it tends to take over.

Let Faith Measure the Moment, for It Sees What the Mind Cannot

We seek first to understand with the mind, trusting that the mind with then give faith something to hold on to. The problem is that the mind misses the infinite treasure—in the teachings of Jesus, in the rest of the Scriptures, and in the present moment as well. This is a tragedy for the mind; it would have so much more to work with if it would make room for faith.

Daily Guidance and Encouragement for Living in the Presence of God
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