sample chapters

The Foolishness of God, the Hidden Wisdom, and the Mind of Christ: 30 Lessons from 1 Corinthians 1-4

Jesus in the Small Words

Leaders, Fathers, and Idols


Find Your Place of Rest in Jesus: An Adaptation of Andrew Murray’s Abide in Christ

Rest in Jesus as Your Wisdom

Every Branch Gets Pruned


Personal Transformation the New Testament Way: 14 Practical Lessons from Horatius Bonar’s 1864 Classic God’s Way of Holiness

The Cross of Christ Is Your Center of Gravity

Learn to Speak the Language of Obedience


The 14 Rejections of Moses: Guideposts on the Path to the Crucified Life

Young Moses and the Israelites: Immature Vision and Premature Rejection

Overcoming Self-Rejection: A Lesson from the Life of Moses

Misremembering the Past: A Hindrance to Spiritual Growth


The Natural Holiness of Jesus: What It Looked Like on Him and What It Means for You

How Clear Is Your Vision of the Christ Who Dwells in You?

Jesus Lived His Whole Life as a Gift to You

The God Who Had Everything Made a World That He Could Share Everything With